Let's restore privacy to the Internet together!

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What is the DexFreedom?

The DexFreedom community gathered to promote the DexNet technology, which enable users to anonymously access a secure internet network. Enjoy confidential mobile, browsing, messaging, email, and Internet usage. It's the next generation of the Internet.

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Earning Continuous Benefits

When using Dex Node, you not only gain security in Internet usage but also receive such bonuses as:
- Tokens rewards as a node holder;
- Priority access to DexNet services;
- 20 GB data as a gift;
- Security and anonymity of available Apps;


DexNet is a Web 4.0 Ecosystem

DexNet ecosystem operates on the Dex Node network - the network of minicomputers designed to safeguard users' data through wholly private communications. With our advanced technology, even non-technical consumers can enjoy unparalleled levels of security and privacy while accessing the Internet, along with complete control over their personal information. Rest assured that all your private communications will remain thoroughly secured within our platform.



Our vision is to distribute to the world a fair and inclusive ecosystem where participants are rewarded for their contributions, fostering innovation, and driving positive global change.


Make the internet decentralized, secure, and private, and ensure the distribution of earnings to participants who contribute to its operation.



Still have questions, how does it work?

Decentralization of the internet is achieved through robust Dex Nodes that operate on a peer-to-peer (P2P) principle, excluding data centers and providers.



To detect neighboring DexNodes within a 10 km radius and establish a stable and secure communication channel. Nodes overlap with each other using ground-based radio signals, forming a network similar to the principle of a bee swarm.


Low Earth Orbit satellite channel

The second communication channel provides direct connectivity for DexNodes to the Space X satellite system called Swarm. Each DexNode connects to the Swarm satellite via a 25 cm antenna, ensuring reliable communication coverage across the entire planet.


Public internet

In parallel, nodes use the public internet to transmit encrypted large-volume data packets.


GSM channel

Available wherever mobile communication is used.

CPU8 core Amlogic s912 Cortex
INFOFull color IPS LCD
EthernetRJ45, WiFi
Satelitte systemSwarm by SpaceX
Dex WanOwn high-frequency nasium channel 915MHz, 5.5 km

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Dmitrii Salimov
Embrace the power of a secure internet and safeguard your digital journey.Dmitrii Salimov

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Why do I need DexNet?

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Private Browsing

Private browsing is a secure web browsing mode that safeguards your online privacy. By activating this feature, your browsing history, cookies, and cache are not stored, providing a shield against potential tracking and data collection. Enjoy a worry-free online experience, knowing that your personal information stays confidential and your digital footprint remains discreet.

Protection from Tracking

In today's digital world, safeguarding your online privacy is paramount. Protection from tracking is essential to keep your personal information secure and prevent unauthorized data collection. By employing privacy-focused tools and technologies, you can shield yourself from intrusive tracking cookies, targeted ads, and data profiling.

Private and Secure Document Exchange

In the age of digital communication, ensuring the confidentiality of document exchange is paramount. Private and secure document exchange solutions provide a shield against unauthorized access and data breaches, allowing you to share sensitive information with confidence.

Decentralized Web Hosting

Decentralized web hosting revolutionizes the way websites are hosted and accessed. Unlike traditional hosting services that rely on centralized servers, decentralized hosting distributes website data across a network of interconnected nodes. This innovative approach offers several advantages, including enhanced security, improved uptime, and resistance to single points of failure.

Freedom of Online Expression

DexNet technology is paving the way for an internet where freedom of online expression thrives. By harnessing the power of decentralized networks, DexNet empowers users to communicate and share ideas without interference from centralized authorities.

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Centtalized vs Decentalized Internet


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We have a lot of plans

Q1 2023 Dex Node pre-sale
Q2 2023 Dex Net activation
Q3 2023 Dex Mobile launch
Q4 2023 Dex Cloud opening